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Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Growing older has its ups and downs. With age, you may grow a bit wiser and have a little more wiggle room financially to do things you couldn’t do when you’re younger – Venice, Italy – need we say more.

Then there are times you realize you are taking more and more breaks cutting the lawn or that sticky notes have increasingly become part of your kitchen’s decor. We will all suffer from the occasional “senior moment”. But when are “senior moments” more than just that?

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and Paramount Senior Living wants to share some of the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease and why you or your loved one may benefit from Alzheimer’s care in an assisted living facility.

Alzheimers Care 1. Memory Loss

It’s normal to forget to pick up your prescription and remember to grab it later. However, consistently forgetting important events and asking for the same information repeatedly is an early sign of Alzheimer’s.

2. Changes in Writing/Speaking

It’s not uncommon to have issues “finding the right words” when describing something. But if you’re consistently having issues remembering the names of the things or substituting other words instead, this may be an indication of a bigger issue. For example, forgetting a close family member’s name – like a daughter or son.

3. Difficulty Performing Daily Tasks

Having to read and re-read a Crème Brulee recipe several times is not uncommon if you’ve never made Crème Brulee before. Having issues recalling how to boil water or peel potatoes – something you’ve done a million times – may be cause for concern.

4. Lost in time and space

We lead busy lives. It’s not uncommon to say, “Gosh, what day is today again”? It is not common to forget where you live, where you are or how you got there.

5. Issues with Abstract Thinking

Balancing a checkbook can be tough – especially in the age of electronic transactions. However, if you are struggling with basic addition and subtraction, there may be something more going on here.

6. Misplacing Things/Retracing Steps

Its common to misplace your cell phone under a stack of mail. Finding your cell phone in the mailbox, however, is a different story. If you are putting things in random, unexplained places or cannot retrace your steps, you should reach out to your doctor.

7. Personality and Mood Changes

Bad days are normal, but rapid mood swings, like bursts of joy followed with a gush of tears may indicate your loved one is suffering from some personality changes associated with Alzheimer’s.

8. Vision and spatial changes

Using your “readers” more frequently when reading your golf magazine is normal. As are changes in your eyeglasses prescription or having cataracts. But, if you’re experiencing issues being able to read, judging distance or not being able to discern color or contrast, you should consult your doctor – especially if you are still operating a motor vehicle.

9. Avoiding Social Activities

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s can cause folks to become more reclusive or unwilling to participate in hobbies they once loved. If your loved one is growing more and more anti-social, talk to a doctor about the early signs of Alzheimer’s.

10. Impaired Judgement

So, your Mom spent more money than she usually does at the casino last weekend – after all, she did say she was going “all in”! But if Mom was thrifty all her life and is now shelling out her thousands at the roulette wheel, spending frivolously may be a sign of Alzheimer’s.

And, while we don’t want to believe that anyone would take advantage of an aging family member, it’s not uncommon for people that need money to lean on someone who is exhibiting forgetfulness and confusion. If Mom or Dad mentions long-lost cousin Sally showed up for an unexpected visit – and forgot they gave her $5,000 – this is another common sign Alzheimer disease.

If you or your loved one are experiencing the early signs of Alzheimer’s, be sure to consult a doctor on managing Alzheimer’s care. If you’ve been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, independent living doesn’t have to stop at the word “diagnosis”. Paramount Senior Living provides the highest-quality Alzheimer’s care in an assisted living facility.

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