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Paramount Difference


Paramount Health Resources Inc., is a Pittsburgh based healthcare company, providing the highest quality of care to the senior population in which we serve. Since the company’s inception in 2004, Paramount has emerged as a leader in the region by offering an unparalleled approach and plethora of healthcare services to senior living. Several years ago, Paramount’s services extended across four states, including Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Since these properties were acquisitions, not all of the layouts and designs were appropriate and conducive for where Paramount was headed in the geriatric healthcare industry. As a result, the company sold off all of the buildings outside of Pennsylvania and decided to construct buildings that fit Paramount’s needs and vision. In the last five years, two newly constructed, thriving Paramount buildings have opened in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. With the expected growth in the geriatric population over the next several years, Paramount is ready to take this highly successful model across the country in an effort to provide the most efficient and the highest quality of healthcare care to our seniors. Our positive outcomes are why we are recognized as a leader in this industry.


Skilled Nursing

Paramount Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation is a division of Paramount that focuses on intensive therapy in an upscale setting. Our state-of-the-art Skilled Nursing units are small, ranging from 14-20 beds, and offer the most personalized care possible. While current Paramount residents have first priority, these units also accept direct admissions from local hospitals. Our Skilled Nursing specializes in physical, occupational and speech therapies. In addition, we care for orthopedic patients after hip or knee replacements and patients needing rehabilitation for post-stroke or cardiac issues. Our nurses are also highly trained on infectious disease, IV therapy and wound management. Paramount’s Skilled Nursing units feature their own dining room, outdoor space, sitting area with a fireplace, a spa with a cutting edge bathing system and spacious resident care accommodations.

End of Life Services

Paramount understands that the end of life is difficult for families, friends and loved ones alike. Thus, Paramount offers hospice services in the comfort of the a resident’s own apartment. These services include continuous care to ensure comfort for patients in their final days of life. The goal of hospice and palliative care is to keep the patient free from pain, comfortable and to improve the quality of life for both patients and their families. Paramount Hospice and Palliative Care offers social workers, bereavement and spiritual counselors as well as outreach groups for those coping with a loss. A new component to Paramount’s business model (coming 2016) is the addition of funeral services. Our buildings are often described as close knit, family environments. Therefore, we plan to offer families of loved ones that have passed in our buildings to take advantage of holding a funeral service and viewing in their loved one’s final home; this way, the friends that they have made are able to share in their condolences with the family. It will bring Paramount’s uniquely compassionate healthcare model full circle by offering this service.


Outpatient Therapy and Medical Offices

Paramount offers advanced therapy equipment to seniors as well as to the general public. Paramount’s therapists have geriatric backgrounds and focuses, and also specialize in orthopedic sports and occupational medicine. The therapy gyms are open from 6am until 6pm, seven days a week. The next component of our model that we will integrate into the medical campus are physician offices. Gerontologists, Primary Care Physicians, Orthopedists, Occupational Physicians and Therapists, Speech and Physical Therapists will all have offices on the campus but with a separate entrance than the facility. This design will serve as a complement to the senior living component, where the residents, their families as well as outside community members will all be able to visit and to be treated within the medical offices.


Personal Care/Memory Care

Paramount Senior Living functions as a medical model with a residential atmosphere. The buildings are set up apartment-style with the choice of various room layouts. All rooms have their own bathroom with a spacious shower and kitchen area. Our senior living residents deserve the best care, and we staff nurses and nursing assistants in our buildings 24 hours a day. Paramount serves three meals a day prepared in-house by trained chefs while also providing daily housekeeping services to all of our residents. Our facilities are beautiful brick and steel constructed buildings with climate controls in each room. Paramount’s robust activities schedule allows residents to get out into the community, make crafts, watch sporting events and create lasting memories with new friends. Paramount Senior Living residents do not have “levels of care.” We provide as much or as little care necessary to our residents so that they are able to progress through their care needs. Of course, we foster independence whenever possible; but, Paramount Senior Living assists with activities of daily living such as showering, dressing, feeding, transferring, toileting and much more. All Paramount properties have secured units with enclosed outdoor space for residents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Our secured memory units have the exact same look and feel, meals, and activities as traditional Personal Care. At all times, there is a nurse and several nurses’ aides on our secured units for our residents. We are able to provide a managed environment for memory impaired residents within in a beautiful, personalized setting. Within Personal and Dementia Care, Paramount is able to provide skilled services to residents through both Paramount Home Health and Paramount Hospice and Palliative Care. Residents can take advantage of physical, occupational and speech therapies in the comfort of their own room. Moreover, if there is a skilled need, such as wound management or intermittent IV therapy, our Home Health Registered Nurses (RNs) would be able to provide care without the resident having to move to a Skilled Nursing unit. Paramount Hospice also operates within the facilities and is able to provide extra nursing support and comfort care to residents within the last six months of their life. Hospice pays for medication and medical equipment that an individual might need. Paramount Home Health and Hospice are both Medicare, insurance-based services in which the family would not be responsible for anything out of pocket.


Community Outreach

Paramount fully believes in the idea of “aging in place.” If they choose, our residents are afforded that opportunity by never having to leave our facilities once they start living with us. However, Paramount also offers in-home services for seniors that are not ready to move to a community. A division of Paramount Home Health offers both rehab services and companionship throughout the community. Therapy services are offered for individuals who have returned home from a Skilled Nursing Facility after having surgery or need restorative therapy. Paramount in-Home Health also offers non-skilled services such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, general companionship, transportation services and more. All residents of the senior living community, in-home patients and outpatient therapy recipients will have a clinical case manager assigned to them to ensure positive outcomes. The possibilities are endless; Paramount is here to serve your community and its seniors by exemplifying the highest level of healthcare with pride, dignity and excellence.