Hospice Care

Before we begin to explain the hospice concept and the philosophies that guide it, we just want to say that we understand how difficult of a decision it can be to utilize a hospice service for a family member or loved one, and possibly even to finish reading this article. However, please understand that hospice care is not about dying, but rather the quality of living before we die, not only for the hospice patient but sometimes more importantly for the extended family and friends that are almost always involved. Our concept of care recognizes that the entire family is affected by one person’s illness. This is why Paramount Hospice attends to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of both hospice patient, and the patients’ family.

How do we do this?

From the moment that you select Paramount Hospice, your loved one is surrounded by a team of professionals that are dedicated to the very finest in hospice care. This team, made up of physicians, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, licensed therapists, social workers, spiritual counselors, and trained volunteers, offer their on- call services around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We focus on providing our patients with the maximum level of comfort available, by allowing patients to live each day to its fullest surrounded by the comforts of home, family and friends. Hospice care, is a family centered care, and involves the patient as well as the patients’ family in making decisions.

This hospice care, is a service that can be given in a patients’ home, an assisted living facility, a nursing home, etc. The earlier a patient is referred, the more we can do to help. Sadly, many people believe that hospice care is unavailable or inappropriate until literally, the last days of a person’s life. A great deal can be done, however, many months earlier, to improve quality of life. With an earlier referral, the patient enjoys better quality of life, resulting in more presence of mind with which to consider difficult choices and making wishes known to loved ones. This relieves the family from having to struggle with difficult decisions on their own.

Hospice affirms life and does not hasten or postpone death. Hospice care treats the person rather than the disease; it focuses on quality rather than length of time. However, an admission to hospice does not mean that a patient will have a certain amount of time to live. If a patient makes a recovery from an illness, he/she can be removed from the hospice service and continue if need be, at a later time.

Who is eligible to receive this hospice care?

What expenses are covered by the hospice benefit?

Hospice Care is covered under Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances. Here are some of the services covered by Medicare.

It would be impossible for us to sum up in two pages, all of the wonderful benefits as well as the comfort and relief that are derived from this hospice service. As I mentioned in the beginning, we understand how difficult and emotional of a time this can be on families, a true test of faith and courage. Paramount Hospice is the very best in what we do, not only because of our tried and true medical model, or our commitment to excellence, or our outstanding track record, but because some of us have been through some of the very same experiences, had to make similar decisions that you have had to make, and coped through the same eventualities. To do this alone is a heavy burden on the heart and mind. Please allow Paramount Hospice the honor, to get to know your loved one. We want to do all that we can to comfort both patient and family in this time of need, and to provide the absolute finest in Hospice Care.

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